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APPEAL of the Tatar Independence Party “Ittifak” to the international community


of the Tatar Independence Party “Ittifak” to the international community

The bloody events that recently took place on the Caucasus once again revealed the ugly face of the Russian imperialism. Under the pretext of “peacekeeping and defending the rights” of the Osetians and the Abkhas Russia invaded the territory of the sovereign state of Georgia. It was a desperate attempt to expand the borders of the empire. Political and military leadership of Russia which saw the collapse of the Soviet Union as a biggest tragedy of the XX century launched a campaign to restore the might of the lost empire. The events in Georgia – is a good evidence of such intentions. Most probably Russia will recognize the independence of the South Osetia and Abkhasia, but it will be a temporary measure, because the long-term, strategic goal of Russia is the annexation of these little autonomies and regaining total control over the Caucasus. Democratic, west-oriented Georgia was a serious obstacle on the way of fulfillment of Russia’s imperial goals. Unfortunately the Osetians and the Abkhas played a role of the docile puppets in the hands of Moscow, but in the future they, like many other small nations living in Russia, will become captured victims.

It is a history-proven fact that all small nations, captured by Russia, sooner or later fall victim of the Russian imperial, assimilatory policy. During the last century more than hundreds of indigenous people and small nations have been assimilated and lost existence under the Russian rule. Today the national culture, history, language of many non-Russian peoples living in the Russian federation is also under the danger of extinction. The naïve Osetians and Abkhas, striving so badly to get annexed by Russia, will face the same destiny. It is enough to look at the Chechen war to understand the way Russia treats her ethnic minorities. The main goal of Russia – is unification and total russification of the Russian Federation with only one language, one religion, and one nation left – the Russian. In such a state there will be no room for other nations, neither for the Tatars, nor for the Chechens and the Osetians.

The Tatar people, the first nation captured by the Russian empire, know very well what it is to live under the Russian domination. Despite of being deprived of its historic lands and statehood, the Tatar people never put up with the captivity and continued to struggle for national independence. The Republic of Tatarstan was among the first to proclaim independence form Russia in 1990. The people of Tatarstan voted for independence in 1992 referendum. However, because of the pressure and threats coming form Moscow, international community didn’t recognize the independence of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

The international community until the last moment hoped that Russia becomes a democratic state. It didn’t happen. Russia chose and old, chauvinistic and militaristic course, trying to revive by brutal force the old Soviet Empire. Under such dire circumstances the Tatar people have only one way to break away from Russia – to ask international community to recognize the independence of the Republic of Tatarstan. Unfortunately, the official leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan, appointed and controlled by Moscow, will never make such a bold step. Therefore, we, the representatives of the Tatar people and independence movements, taking as a basis the Declaration of National Independence, appeal to the international bodies – the United Nations, European Union and entire world community to recognize the state independence of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

The world recognized independence of Kosovo. Russia is going to recognize the independence of Georgia’s break-away autonomies. Why the Tatar people, living for centuries independently, having own independent statehood in the past, but brutally invaded by Russia in 1552, can not ask for the recognition of its independence?!

The Republic of Tatarstan must be independent from Russia! Aware of the fact that Russia has been denying us the right on self-determination for centuries, we have to seek help from the international community. Please protect us from the Russian aggression, help us to get free, build a democratic society and start living independently. Oil-rich Tatarstan does not want to empower Russia any more! Recognize the independence of the Republic of Tatarstan! The hard-working, trustworthy Tatar people, having old history, robust economy, well-developed oil resources, rich agriculture, is long-time ready to contribute to the development of the world civilization together with other nations. 

Dr. Fauziya Bayramova
The Chairwoman of the Tatar National Independence Party “Ittifak”

The Republic of Tatarstan

21 August, 2008.

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